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Sasso delle Eriche

Sasso delle Eriche

Sasso delle Eriche

The “Stone of the Heathers” represents both an itinerary for climbing and a nice vantage point

Locally known as "Pria Grossa" (big stone), the site is located in the municipality of Teolo.   It is a cliff of volcanic rock having a modest size, however protruding sharply on the southern flank of Mount Grande, the fifth in order of height among the Euganean Hills.

Watching from afar the “Sasso delle Eriche” looks like a rocky outcrop in the middle of the wood, visible more prominently in the winter season when the vegetation is sparse. The site is accessible both from the valley below leaving from the center of the hamlet Villa di Teolo and from above taking the path n. 14 surveyed by the Park agency. In the latter case, departure is from the Passo delle Fiorine to take the loop trail running at high altitude around the Mount Grande. Once arrived at about the half the track exposed to the south, the wide path shall be left to travel the detour that quickly descends along the slope and that coincides with a stretch of the Via Alta of the Euganean Hills (path no. 1).

This route, rather steep, leads to skirt the trachyte wall of the “Rock of the Heathers” around the middle of the slope, allowing a stop to enjoy the ample panoramic view that here opens on all the central hills and the nearby plain. In front we can admire the most popular and significant rock wall in the Euganean Hills, Rocca Pendice, while the view embraces the tops of the mountains Altore, Venda, Baiamonte, Pirio and Solone.

The vantage point represents the main attraction of this site, which also offers rock-climbing routes. The wall is equipped with safety hooks and nails and offers a pretty easy path and two more challenging routes.

The name “Stone of the Heathers” originates from thermophilic vegetation that covers the surrounding area, characterized by numerous bushes of tree heathers that present fragrant flowers in spring.      

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