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Euganean Hills Museums

Museums of the Euganean Hills

Museums of the Euganean Hills

Visit and discover the local museums

This territory, so rich in history and tradition, cannot help but offer its visitors educational courses aimed at enhancing both knowledge and appreciation of this cultural and environmental heritage.

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    Castle of San Martino of Vaneza

    The Castle of San Martino is located in Fossona (Cervarese Santa Croce), along the bank of the river Bacchiglione that, since ancient times, first was an important strategic center for military defense, then a well-known reference to commercial traffic. see details

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    Museum of River Navigation

    The Waterways Museum in Battaglia Terme is set along the namesake canal. It tells the story of a flourishing river port of antiquity, through well preserved documents and materials. see details

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    Villa Beatrice D'Este

    Villa Beatrice d'Este stands on Mount Gemola, in the middle of the Euganean Hills, on the ruins of an ancient monastery. Today it hosts the Museum of Natural History of the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills. see details

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    Villa Contarini Giovanelli Venier

    Villa Contarini Giovanelli-Venier is located in the old center of the hamlet of Vo Vecchio and besides being a villa of remarkable historical significance, it also houses the Landscape Museum and Place of Remembrance of the Holocaust, due to its past as a concentration camp. see details