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Vo' Euganeo

Vo' Euganeo

Vo' Euganeo

A territory of intense river traffic

The municipality of Vo' Euganeo is placed in the west side of the Euganean Hills, along the Mount Venda, considered the highest of the whole area, up to the banks of the canal Bisatto, from which the name of Vo’ originates. Namely, Vadum meant “guado” (ford), emphasizing the past brisk river trades. 

In the seventeenth century, under the rule of the Republic of Venice, the family Contarini (hence the name of the impressive Venetian Villa Contarini-Venier) carried out the village of Vo' Vecchio: it represented the town hall until 1900. Later,  the municipal offices were transferred to Ca’ Erizzo that assumed the definitive name of Vo’ in 1933.

The town of Vo' consists of the hamlets of Boccon, Cortelà, Vo' Vecchio and Zovon
Cortelà, called Curtis-lata (large court) in ancient times, is deeply admired for its beautiful village; while in Boccon (whose name apparently drew its origins from a small temple edified in honor of the god Bacchus) visitors can admire the Palace Sceriman and the Palace Maniscalchi Erizzo (now Dal Bosco), turned into a prominent rural business.