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Battaglia Terme

Battaglia Terme

Battaglia Terme

Town of Battaglia Terme

Battaglia Terme is the smallest municipality in the province of Padua and the most original in the Euganean area, thanks to its historic center overlooking the canals that make it look like a coastal resort. 

Renamed the Gate of the Euganean Hills Park, Battaglia Terme owes its prominence to the waterways running through its area and to the sole natural thermal cave in the Euganean area, located on the small Mount Sant’ Elena, also called the Mount of the Stove. The cave, already known in the early Middle Ages, has been visited over the centuries by many illustrious travellers, including Michel de Montaigne and Stendhal, who stopped in this place, during their tour, to benefit from its thermal baths. Battaglia is still a popular spa resort along with the towns of Abano, Montegrotto and Galzignano. 

Battaglia Terme has also become a center of intense trading activities, exploiting the canals Battaglia, Bisatto and Vingenzone. In the past, river trade was considered the fastest and most effective way compared to the road. Therefore people who could benefit from this kind of activity and who were named according to the different task being performed (barcaroi/boatmen, burci/bargees, sabionari/sand digger, squeraroi/shipbuilders, cavallanti/upriver stablemen), decided to settle in Battaglia Terme. 

The Museum of River Navigation collects evidence of crafts embodying the main characters of past activities in the area.

The town is also famous for the Castle of Catajo and Villa Selvatico Sartori, valuable buildings rich in history and culture. Moreover a meaningful natural value has got the path called “Ferro di Cavallo” (Horseshoe), a trail winding through the plain, and the group of hills of Mount Ceva.