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The 15 municipalities of the Euganean Hills


The 15 municipalities of the Euganean Hills

We enumerate 15 municipalities, located in the Euganean territory and belonging to the province of Padua. Wonderful villages and gorgeous boroughs where nature and history meet in full harmony. Let's find out the most awesome views, historical events and attractions to enjoy.

  • Abano Terme

    Abano Terme

    The city of Abano Terme owes its fortune to the hot springs, deriving from a particular conformation of its volcanic origin territory, which have made it a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world. Details

  • Arquà Petrarca

    Arquà Petrarca

    Arquà Petrarca is a medieval borough, considered among the most beautiful in the Euganean Hills. Its origins are ancient indeed: a prehistoric lake-dwelling site, dating back to the Bronze Age, was found near Lake Costa. Details

  • Baone


    The municipality of Baone spans along the southern side of the Euganean Hills and includes the hamlets of Valle San Giorgio, Calaone and Rivadolmo. Its territory is hilly, characterized by numerous agricultural and wine-producing activities. Details

  • Battaglia Terme

    Battaglia Terme

    Battaglia Terme is the smallest municipality in the province of Padua and the most original in the Euganean area. Its old center overlooks the canals that make it look like a coastal resort. Details

  • Cervarese Santa Corce

    Cervarese Santa Corce

    The municipality of Cervarese Santa Croce counts more than 5000 inhabitants and extends along the south-eastern boundary of Vicenza province. It is split into the three hamlets: Montemerlo, Fossona and Cervarese. Details

  • Cinto Euganeo

    Cinto Euganeo

    The municipality of Cinto Euganeo is set in the heart of the Euganean Hills and includes four hamlets: Fontanafredda, Cinto Euganeo, Valnogaredo and Faedo. Details

  • Este


    The municipality of Este extends on the southern sides of the Euganean Hills, stretching from the slopes of Mount Murale towards the wide alluvial plain. Details

  • Monselice


    The municipality of Monselice stands in the south-east zone of the Euganean Hills. Its name descends from the Latin “Mons silicis” (Mountain of flint) alluding to the small hill where the village developed in ancient times. Details

  • Montegrotto Terme

    Montegrotto Terme

    The municipality of Montegrotto Terme belongs to the basin of the Euganean hot-springs spas. Its name derives from the Latin toponym "Mons Aegrottum" (hill of the sick), since the benefits of its thermal waters were already known in antiquity. Details

  • Rovolon


    The municipality of Rovolon, along with its hamlets Bastia and Carbonara, stretches along the north-western side of the Euganean Hills, placed in an area between the plain and the slopes of Mount Grande and Mount of Madonna. Details

  • Teolo


    The municipal district of Teolo includes a large surface area and numerous hamlets, which spread both on the mountain and in the plain. This resort, highly appreciated since ancient times for its healthy climate, is still the favourite destination for relaxing stays and deep contact with nature. Details

  • Torreglia


    The municipality of Torreglia, located in the north-eastern quadrant of the Euganean Hills, is divided into two zones: a flat area and another typically hilly zone, called "Torreglia High". Details

  • Vo' Euganeo

    Vo' Euganeo

    The municipality of Vo' stands on the border with the province of Vicenza, therefore it’s considered the "Gateway to the west" of the Euganean Hills. Besides, it is well-known and esteemed for its wine production and processing of trachyte. Details