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The wetlands of the Euganean Hills

Lakes, rivers and wetlands

Lakes, rivers and wetlands

All of the wetlands of the Euganean Hills

Since ancient times, Padua was known as the city of waters; as a matter of fact, the construction of artificial canals have made the city a focal point for commercial trading, while the delightful lakes are prominent sites of natural interest.

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    Biotope of San Daniele

    The biotope of San Daniele can be found in Torreglia and is easily accessible along the ring of the Euganean Hills. It is one of the rare wetlands of the Euganean Hills, consisting of a series of artificial ponds. see details

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    Lago della Costa

    The Lago della Costa, in Arquà Petrarca, is fed by a thermal spring and represents the most notable natural and archaeological site in the Euganean Hills. see details