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Golf in the Euganean Hills

Playing Golf in Euganean Hills

Golf in the Euganean Hills

Playing Golf immersed in nature, close to the Euganean Thermal Spas

Golf is a sport that allows everyone to relax in the midst of nature, therefore the best courses are set in idyllic countryside, offering full peace and quiet The wondrous scenery of the Euganean Hills is the ideal setting for all the links, each of them offering special and unique panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. The proximity among the various golf club and to the Euganean thermal spas, located only a few miles from each other, allow tourists and passing by visitors to try them all in a few days. All the courses are maintained caring for all the details and provide engaging lawns and excellent services.

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    Golf Club Frassanelle

    The Golf Club Frassanelle stands in the municipality of Rovolon, at the foot of the Euganean Hills. This course is highly technical and is set in the natural park of Frassanelle dei Papafava. see details

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    Golf Club of Terme di Galzignano

    The Golf Club of Galzignano Terme is situated in the Euganean Hills, in the namesake municipality, one of the main spa sites in Europe. The course has got 9 holes, spread in a wonderful natural park, which is  350 thousand square meters wide. see details

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    Golf Club Padova

    The Golf Club Padova is located in Valsanzibio, in the town of Galzignano Terme, close to the famous villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani. Overall it boasts 27 holes, being the first golf club established in the province of Padua. see details

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    Golf Montecchia

    The Golf Montecchia is located in Selvazzano, within a few miles from Abano Terme. It was carried out in 1988 in the historic park of the Villa Emo Capodilista, and covers an area over 800,000 square meters large. see details