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Church of S. Giustina

Church of S. Giustina

Church of S. Giustina

The Church of St Justina: One of the most valuable and rich places of worship in the history of Monselice

It is also known as the Old Cathedral in order to distinguish it from the New Cathedral that since the half of the last century has replaced it in its functions of parish. The ancient church of Santa Giustina was dedicated to the Paduan proto-martyr and represents one of the most valuable and rich in history places of worship in Monselice.

It is situated on the slopes of the Colle della Rocca, along the road leading up to the Shrine of the Seven Churches and the Keep Federiciano. From its large parvis in the church square, visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of the whole town as well as the nearby Euganean Hills.

It was erected in 1256, after the demolition of the primitive parish church that stood on the top of the hill and replaced by the Emperor Frederick II with his mighty donjon. The Romanesque church is flanked by a tall crenellated bell tower and presents gothic decorative elements outside. The prothyrum before the entrance portal was enclosed in the fifteenth century.

The interior is provided with a sole wide nave, square apse in the middle (built on the ruins of an ancient chapel dedicated to San Martino) and two side chapels. The walls of the apse includes some frescoes dating from the fourteenth century, while the high altar contains the Polyptych of Santa Giustina made by the fifteenth century Venetian school.

Other works in the church are: the fifteenth-century table depicting the Madonna of Humility, the sixteenth-century statue of Santa Giustina, a Roman funerary stele of the first century AD, four eighteenth-century marble bas-reliefs, and several paintings of the Venetian school belonging to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Nowadays the church is used for religious ceremonies and classical music concerts, thanks to perfect acoustics offered.

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