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Churches of the Euganean Hills

The Churches of the Euganean Hills

Churches, Abbeys and Shrines

The religious-architectural works of the Euganean Hills

The spread of Christianity in the Euganean zone gave rise to several architectural works and places of worship, where increasingly deeper forms of spirituality developed.

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    Ancient Church of St. Anthony the Abbot

    The church, located on Monte della Madonna (Mount of Our Lady) in Teolo, arose from the ancient ruins of a monastery and is dedicated to St. Anthony, the Abbot. Close to the building there is a cave, where Santa Felicita lived, between the eighth and ninth centuries. see details

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    Church of S. Giustina

    Also known as the Old Cathedral, this ancient church, dedicated to the above mentioned Paduan proto-martyr, is one of the most historically rich and valuable worship places, in Monselice. see details

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    Church of San Martino in Luvigliano

    The parish church of San Martino is located on the front of Villa dei Vescovi in Luvigliano, hamlet of Torreglia: the most ancient document certyfing the existence is dated to 1077. see details

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    Church of San Sabino

    The church of San Sabino was erected on the ruins of an ancient tower (dating back to the Middle Age), from which Torreglia probably took its name. see details

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    Oratory of the Holy Cross

    The Oratory of the Holy Cross, dating back to 874,  is the most ancient place of Christian cult in the territory of Cervarese, so significant that it attributed its name to the same location.
    see details

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    Shrine of Our Lady at Torreglia

    The capital with the Madonna and child_ that can be admired in Torreglia on the homonymous square_ bears a tiny and exciting story, dealing with the famous writer Jacopo Facciolati. see details

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    The Sanctuary of the Seven Churches and Villa Duodo

    The Jubilee Shrine of the Seven Churches stands on the slopes of Colle della Rocca (Fortress Hill) and represents the most significant religious monumental complex in Monselice. see details