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Castle of San Martino of Vaneza

Castle of San Martino of Vaneza

Castle of San Martino of Vaneza

Strategic centre of defence and the Museum of the Bacchiglione river

The Castle of San Martino della Vaneza is located along the bank of the Bacchiglione river that since ancient times has first represented an important strategic military defence, then a well-known reference to commercial traffic.

Around the year one thousand, the first defence system was established by the characteristic high tower over twenty meters. In 1324 , the Carrara family became the owners of the Castle of San Martino implementing major restructuring that involved the enclosure of the trachyte stone (10 meters high) and the tower, making it more sophisticated by means of a series of protuding brick crenellation.

Arranged on over six floors, we can still find the hallmarks of a structure designed for military defence, as the tall, narrow slots, on the ground floor of the fence.

1405 was the year in which the Venetians turned the castle into a veritable shopping centre developing a functional and thriving river port. The main activity consisted in sorting the semi-finished wood from nearby forests, necessary to the Venetian shipyards. It also witnessed the birth of small villages where you looked out of the first taverns carried out their business functions both within the castle and in its immediate vicinity.

In 1439 also the Vendramin family made its contribution, after having acquired ownership of the castle he built the first mill vessel, operated until 1800, when the last heir of the family sold it to the Filippini di Padova.

From 1930 to 1978, the owners of the castle were the Antonini Papavafa dei Carraresi. From 1979 until today, it belongs to the province of Padua who, thanks to an important process of enhancement and recovery of ancient artefacts, enabled, in 1995, the opening of the Museum of Archaeology of the Bacchiglione river. Visitors will learn about the fascinating history of the peoples who inhabited the floodplain, fully enjoying the spectacle of the nature surrounding it.

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